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Training Retreat


Join me for this 2 day immersive training retreat

"cultivating a deeper healing practice"


This Reiki level 2 training retreat is for those who have already completed a Reiki level 1 training, have been practicing Reiki for several months and now feel ready and called to move further along the Reiki journey. Where Reiki level 1 focuses primarily on self healing and the basics of Reiki, the level 2 training focuses on developing a deeper connection with the energy and channeling, the Reiki symbols and mantras and how to send energy for distance healing. 

What we'll cover:

  • There will be opening and closing ceremony's

  • Throughout the training you'll be guided through different embodiment practices including, meditations, breathing practices and gentle movement. 

  • Recap over the basics of Reiki 

  • The Reiki symbols & mantras 

  • How to send energy for distance healing

  • The four Clair's of intuition 

  • Setting up your healing space

  • You'll receive x2 Reiki attunements to super charge and activate your ability to channel Reiki. 

  • During the training there will be a 2h Yin Yoga & Reiki Healing journey for you to immerse yourself, experience and receive Reiki from myself as your Reiki Master.

  • Lots of opportunity to practice with others in the group.

  • You'll receive access to the Reiki level 1 online portal so that you can recap the learnings from the level 1 training (if you need to) whether you trained with me or another, there are also guided practices for you to practice and prepare before the level 2 training.

  • You'll receive a Reiki level 2 manual and certificate on completion.

  • Light refreshments will be provided each day.

  • The training includes x2 full days without overnight stay.

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Coming soon!

interest below.

It was a beautiful day spent with a group of like-minded women in a very trusting and well facilitated environment. Alex is friendly, kind, open, relatable and supportive, and it’s obvious that she truly lives the Reiki values. I’m excited by the personal changes I am noticing already in myself and the way I relate to the world. I highly recommend her course as a tool for personal growth and for the potential healing of the planet and it’s beings.

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