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Alex is an experienced and dedicated Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Coach who has been offering her services to the world for over a decade.


Her journey started on this path whilst growing up in a holistic minded household in the UK, being taken to regular meditation circles and first being taught Reiki (energy healing) in 2003. It was here that the seed of inspiration was planted for Alex to continue to live a holistic lifestyle and to be of service in the world around her.


As well as a fascination with energy, the mind - body connection and all things mystical, Alex has always enjoyed movement and after years representing GB in gymnastics and then going on to gain a degree in contemporary dance, Alex found yoga when she began to look for a more sustainable and nurturing way to move, live, connect and flourish. Teaching her first ever yoga classes in 2014 in Portugal, Alex continued to travel around the world, teaching in Switzerland, Melbourne, Sydney, and is now based here in New Zealand. 


Throughout the years Alex has been on various different self development journeys, taking part in numerous workshops and learnings and also completed a diverse array of trainings in: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Tantrik Hatha, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Myofascial Roll and Release Technique, Dynamic Movement Therapy and PNF Stretching, as well as becoming a certified Reiki master and undergoing extensive training as a holistic coach. 

With a wealth of experience, knowledge and embodied wisdom Alex offers 1:1 sessions, workshops, women's circles, trainings and retreats and is dedicated to continuing to learn, grow and be a positive, empowering influence in the world around her. 



Relevant Qualifications:

Reiki level I & II 2003 - 2006

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Contemporary Dance 2012

200h YTT Ashtanga Vinyasa 2014

40h YTT Yoga Nirdra 2019

Certified Reiki Master 2019

100h YTT Yin Yoga 2020

150h YTT Tantrik Hatha 2021

15h YTT Breathwork coach 2021

80h YTT Yoga Nidra 2021

70h YTT Pranayama, Mantra

& Advanced Hatha 2022

400h Certified Holistic Life Coach 2024

140h Certified Mind-body practitioner 2024​

Certified and registered with Yoga Alliance (500 E-RYT)

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