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"Learn Reiki and feel its benefits on all layers of your being."


People have been practicing the art of hands-on healing for thousands of years.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a sacred healing medicine that works energetically on multiple levels to help to heal and balance a person's life force energy. 

In Japan in the early 1900's, Japanese Buddhist monk Mikao Usui rediscovered a form of energetic healing, and named it Reiki.  Reiki translates to "universally/spiritually guided life force energy".

Reiki can support realignment and healing on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.

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Here are just some of the

benefits of Reiki:

  • Assists the body's natural healing processes to heal more quickly and effectively 

  • Helps to relieve stress and tension 

  • Improves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being

  • Reduces anxiety 

  • Induces a state of deep relaxation helping you to rest and recover

  • Helps to reduce depression

  • Aids good sleep 

  • Helps to relieve pain

  • Helps us to release anything that is no longer serving us

  • Promotes harmony and balance on all levels

  • Helps to clear the mind and improve focus

  • Gives us a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and the universe

In this Reiki Level I training and attunement you will learn how to connect with and channel the Reiki energy primarily for self-healing, empowerment and transformation. After the training and attunement you will also be able to offer one-on-one healing to family, friends, pets, plants and even to supercharge your food and water if you choose.

New training dates coming soon!

"I have been practicing Reiki for 20 years and giving treatments for over a decade now. I can't quite believe it's been that long! It is my absolute honour to be able to share this amazing modality with you in the hope that it can support you on your own journey of healing, self empowerment, love and liberation like it has helped me."

-Alexa (Reiki Master and founder of Live Align Flow)

What we will cover in this training:

  • The science of energy

  • What Reiki is

  • The history of Reiki

  • How Reiki can benefit you and others

  • The five elements of Reiki

  • The Reiki principles

  • Chakras and the subtle bodies

  • How to manage your energy, ground, protect and set yourself up to give Reiki

  • The Reiki hand positions

  • Other uses of Reiki

  • You'll receive access to the online Reiki portal with pre-training and post-training important material and exercises to support you on your journey

  • You'll receive a Reiki Level I manual on the day

  • The Reiki attunement & certification on completion 

  • 21-day self-healing schedule and cleanse

  • Become part of the Reiki community and Reiki shares


Upon signing up to the Reiki level 1 training you will receive access to the online 'Reiki Portal' with important pre and post training information and exercises for you to work through, all to support you on your Reiki journey. We'll meet for the day training where you'll receive your Reiki attunement and get to practice and learn with the group. The day includes a professionally catered nourishing vegan and vegetarian (with gluten free options) lunch. You'll receive a Reiki manual on the day and certificate on completion. You'll then gain access to the post training material and exercises on the online Reiki portal to continue your journey.


"I recently attended the Level 1 Reiki Training offered by Reiki Master Alexandra Rangecroft. It was a beautiful day spent with a group of like-minded women in a very trusting and well facilitated environment. Alex is friendly, kind, open, relatable and supportive, and it’s obvious that she truly lives the Reiki values. I’m excited by the personal changes I am noticing already in myself and the way I relate to the world. I highly recommend her course as a tool for personal growth and for the potential healing of the planet and it’s beings."