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You are your greatest project

Holistic coaching is about acknowledging how far you've already come on your journey, looking at where you are now, thinking about where you want to be in the future, and then taking mindful and supportive steps towards fulfilling your goals.


Holistic coaching takes into consideration all aspects of a person and their life, from the health and wellbeing of the physical body, to cultivating an empowering mindset, regulating emotions, cultivating healthy relationships and boundaries, learning to communicate and express yourself authentically and finding a sense of purpose and passion for life so that you can truely begin to thrive.

Image by Ashley Batz

If you're ready for positive transformation in your life but need a little bit of help and support getting there, let's build a road map together to support you more fully on your journey towards where you want to go.

Work with me one on one and get the assistance, support and guidance that you deserve. We’ll work together on your aims, intentions and goals to custom build you a program that's going to best serve you and your needs for the long run. Using proven tools and techniques including but not limited to; yoga therapy, breath-work, meditation, mindfulness, self enquiry and reflection, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindset and how to form and keep healthy habits. Through the process you'll gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence that you need to thrive in life in an empowered and supportive way.

Sessions are held online​ over zoom.

x3 1h sessions


x5 1h sessions


Add on sessions from $90

Payment plans available



Alex is an experienced, dedicated and highly qualified yoga teacher, Reiki master, holistic coach and mind-body practitioner with a wealth of knowledge, compassion and expertise to share.

I had the privilege of doing Life Coaching sessions with Alex and from the get-go, she created a warm and welcoming space where I felt safe to explore my thoughts and emotions. Her ability to actively listen and ask thought-provoking questions allowed me to gain new insights. It often felt like I was speaking to a close friend who I could trust 100%. She just got me and that made it easy to be open and honest. Alex equipped me with a set of tools and strategies that continue to serve me well beyond our coaching sessions. I would highly recommend Alex! 

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