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Align your body, mind and energy from the comfort of your own home and be guided through yoga asana (physical postures), breath-work and meditation practices for each of the main energy centres (chakras). 


  • Be guided through 15 online video practices to help to balance the chakras

  • 7 Yoga flow practices, one for each chakra (approx 30 mins each)

  • 7 Breathwork & meditation practices (approx 15-20 mins each)

  • 1 Chakra integration meditation (approx 30 mins)

  • Do in your own time at your own pace

  • Learn more about the chakras and your energy

  • Gain a deeper sense of connection to yourself

  • Feel empowered, centered and embodied

  • Unlimited access for 2 years

  • One off payment of: $149 (NZD) 

Here's a sneak peak. Please note this video is sped up. The actual videos are at a steady and manageable pace. 

Here's what others are saying...

"I definitely needed this! Loving the yoga flows as they are not too long yet enough to challenge myself! Having the breathing and meditation videos seperate is fantastic, so I can do either just after the flow or at any time I need it. This online practice is helping me to find my happy state again as well as balance my heart, body, mind, and soul! I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to flow with your energy through this series."

- Nergis K

Who's this course for:

This online course is suitable for anyone with a general level of health and fitness whether you're new to yoga or are a regular practitioner. 


The practices are dynamic yet steady and well rounded and you are encouraged to go at your own pace. 

The course is designed for you to do in your own time wherever you are, all you need is the space to practice and access to the online videos. 

This course is perfect if you're limited with time as the practices are short and manageable, but if you have more time you can join the practices together doing first the Yoga Flow and then the Breathwork & Meditation practice for the same chakra.

After the one off payment receive unlimited access for two years!

Once purchased, head over to the 'ONLINE' page to start the journey.

See you on the mat!

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