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To understand Reiki we must first have an awareness of energy and quantum physics. Everything in the universe is made up of energy and vibrates at an energetic frequency. From the energetic vibration of a mountain and the earth, to the energetic vibration of the ocean, the weather, the energetic vibration of a plant, animal and your own body. Each will have a different rate it vibrates at. Even your wifi and radio signals are made up of a certain vibration. Sound is made up of energetic vibration. Even objects we perceive as not being alive, like a table or chair, on a quantum level are made up of a certain energetic vibrational frequency. Some more dense energies can be seen as physical matter, like any object, and some less dense energies or vibrations, that are vibrating at a much higher rate, can’t be seen and sometimes can’t even be sensed. Like our wifi signals, or the high pitched noise a dog can hear but we humans can’t. The point is that what we can see is not all that there is, as humans our senses and perceptions are limited.

Low Vibrations Dense Energy (Matter).jpg
“Einstein and later quantum physicists have explained that at a quantum level - which is between 10,000 and 100,000 times smaller than an atom - everything that exists in the universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at different rates. Science has finally caught up with thousands of years of spiritual teachings by proving that at a quantum level all energy - and therefore everything in the universe - is connected. Why is this of any interest to people learning Reiki? Because Reiki is a spiritual energy vibrating at a very high rate, and it works at an energetic level both with the physical matter of the body, and with the electromagnetic energy of the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. Understanding this will help you to understand why Reiki can help your healing on many different levels, from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual” 

(From the book - 'The Basics of Reiki' - By Penelope Quest)
Deeper studies into energy and quantum physics has shown that vibration, sound and even more importantly thoughts and intentions can actually affect physical matter! This is a profound discovery! Below are a series of videos that show how our thoughts and intentions have their own vibrational frequency and can affect physical matter. Clink on the photo to watch the video. 
Rice experiment

This is just one of the many videos on YouTube of someone who has done this experiment. The results show how words, thoughts and intentions can affect physical matter, in this case rice.

The work of Dr Emoto

The work of Dr Emoto shows the effects that sound, thoughts and intentions can have on water. The human body is made up of approximately 65% water in adults and 75% in children.

Plant experiment

Here is just one of the videos on YouTube that shows the effects that the vibrational frequencies of words and intentions can have on plants. Remember plants probably don't speak English so really it's just about intention.

The effects of gratitude

More from Dr Emoto

Image by David Marcu


After watching the videos above you can see how vibrational frequency (energy), thoughts and intentions can affect physical matter. Think about how important this is and how this can affect you in your life! How your own thoughts, words and intentions can affect not only your mind, but your physical body too. How it can affect those around you and your life in general.  

Our thoughts, feelings and intentions carry vibrational frequency, they are energy and they matter!

It's important that we become very aware of our own thoughts, feelings and intentions towards ourselves, others and towards life. 

Take time to reflect on this and your own thoughts and intentions. Be really aware when negative thoughts come up and question where they've come from and if they're serving you. When things arise see if you can keep a non judgmental, neutral mind, observing whatever is coming up. When you notice a negative thought pattern in yourself can you create a short positive statement to use as an affirmation to counter the negative thought.

For example: 

Negative thought: "Im not good enough" 

Positive affirmation to begin to work on that and counter balance it: "I am enough"

(Keep it short, in the present tense and positive)

You may not believe your positive affirmation or intention straight away and that's ok, it takes time to rewire the brain into new thought patterns, but very time you bring your mind back to your positive affirmation/intention it will help to do that, helping to support you on your journey of positive transformation! Every time you think a negative thought and you realise, see if you can counter it with a positive one. 

(Please note that it is important not to repress any thought, feeling or emotion whether you perceive it to be positive or negative. All thoughts, feelings and emotions are valid and need space and support to be seen, felt and heard, this exercise is not about pushing anything down or away but supporting yourself from the inside out by planting new positive thoughts.) 

You may like to write down your affirmation/intentions and repeat them daily. 

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