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Reiki works best when the mind, our intentions and our bodies are free from as many toxins as possible. It is best not to do anything drastic before a Reiki training (no extreme cleansing or fasting) but a little bit of purification can be extremely helpful. 

Lets start by thinking about this on a mental and energetic level:

Your mind has to do a lot of processing! From everything you do in your day, the people you come into contact with, the challenges you have to deal with, the input from social media and the news, its a lot! Now days we have to manage with a constant stream of stimulation. Think about what you're consuming with you attention and with your energy, think about what's filling your mind. If we think about our mind like a glass of water is your water clear? Constant negative input through what you're consuming on a mind level is going to cloud and even pollute your water. To cleanse the water you need to put more clean and clear water into your glass. Can you fill up your mind with helpful, positive and inspiring things by focusing your attention on things of that nature. You may need to delete some people from social media, limit your news intake and any entertainment that doesn't make you feel good. Nothings completely bad or not allowed of course, but horror films for example will carry and different energy to them and make you feel a certain way compared to say, inspiring films about changing the world for the better. It's all about choosing what you focus your attention on, what you fill up your cup with is what's eventually going to spill from the overflow!

And on a physical level:

Now onto the body. How are you looking after your body? How do you feel in your body? We all know these days what's good for us and what's not, although some things that are seen as inherently 'good' will of course be good for some people and not for others. So it's about finding what works for you! A healthy diet, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and rest time as well as some regular gentle exercise is best. Any changes you make of course have to come from you and a deeper desire to change from the inside out, otherwise they won't be sustainable. Try to let go of judgment of yourself or others for not being perfect, we're human, perfect doesn't exist and its much more fun that way! But before the Reiki training it's best to gently reduce your sugar, alcohol, caffeine and animal product intake to a healthy range for you. It will help the natural cleansing process that happens as a result of the Reiki attunement a little easier! 



Take time to contemplate how you are looking after your mind, energy and body. Think about what you're consuming and putting in on all of those levels. Be really honest with yourself and notice if there are areas for improvement. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed, are there points in your day that you could support yourself a little better, maybe its not checking social media or your work emails first thing in the morning, making sure you take enough breaks and get enough rest, doing 5 mins of meditation in the morning and at night. Think about what you could do to better support yourself. The chances are you already know!

If you're have trouble sleeping maybe you work on your bedtime routine, limiting screen time before bed, cutting the caffeine a little earlier in the day, doing some gentle stretching or meditation before bed. 

This part is really about what you need on a personal level and starting to nourish and support yourself with healthy habits and little rituals through out your day. These are going to be different of each one of you depending on your needs.

Write down x3 ways you could support yourself better and little things that you can do to nurture that support. An then do them! Continuing with your positive affirmations could be one of them! 



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